Furniture & Film: Constructing Design (the triz in stool and Eames shell chair, specifically)

The material aim of designers is a good final product. If it’s reached, it can become an icon or embed itself in the everyday life of many.  A whole lot goes into a design that makes it to production, though. A chair can sit pieced together,  immobile in a room, but to get it there, a sequence of action must go on to produce it.  This is the sweat, after the blood and tears of it actually being designed (smiles and joy, too, don’t worry).  Rafael Nadal can see the ball’s entire path, his actions are pent up in his muscles and planned in his mind, but until the actual stroke that hits the yellow round back, no points are possible.

The creation of a beautiful, functional object is itself beautiful.  It is not as often thought about as the design, and it’s documentation isn’t always there to enrich the final product.  It is a major chunk of the whole process, and where craftsmanship and skill transfer an ethereal idea into a physical tool.

Here are two crafted videos of great designs that celebrate the process of manufacturing them. The Eames need no introduction (nor, maybe, this video as it makes its rounds across sites), but the Triz In (‘wedge’ in Hebrew) stool by Michael Blumenfeld is worth mentioning as a well designed, well constructed contemporary piece.  So here they are:


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