Music: Magic’s Better Half

Mrs. Magician is a good reason to go to shows on time.  The opening act for the opening act (Spectrals) for Cults at Denver’s Bluebird Theater last night, Mrs. Magician played a continuous set of high electricity, unmistakeably surf rock influenced songs. The vocals sometimes swing up and down with chords in a James Mercer (of The Shins) likeness, while composition reminded me of Telekinesis!’s ’12 Desperate Straight Lines’ caught in a riptide and dragged, somehow, through both a ’50s beach party and CBGB. Each song is distinctively voiced but unified cohesively in driving post-punk, San Diego wave spattered sound. Covered in optically viscous dunes of monochromatic, topographic stripes, their debut album ‘Strange Heaven’ will be released on April 17th, while the digital version is available now.


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