Fashion: Toronto Fashion Week Wrap-Up

Toronto wrapped its 13th fashion week, this weekend. Noted as a more regional fashion week (compared with the global trend setting ones like New York and Milan) the Toronto runway was a busy cul-de-sac traffic flow of many of Canada’s own top or up-and-coming designers. Soia & Kyo made a strong showing with big, graceful moves of fabric balanced by detailed stitching. Joe Fresh promoted a style marked by asymmetrical, minimal adornment, with colors that set it apart from many of the other collections shown.

A start-up award went, deservingly (of course, I say this with the full disclosure that fashion is a segment of design I don’t know exceedingly well; perhaps this helps confirm their deservingness), to Martin Lim.  Pink, parallel lines skirt off into ribbons; are they pulling apart from each other or finishing up banding together? The elements, oftentimes at the fringes, that waver playfully with the stride of the wearer makes Martin Lim’s designs responsive and human.  The best looking clothes fit the clothee well, but in the excess areas where tailoring can become more abstractly sculptural and less physiologically sculptural, Martin Lim creates something inviting and almost interactive. Ribbons, flaps, flared tails; It’s almost as if he is trying to cloth the wind just a little, too.   


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