Furniture: Ali Sandifer Studio

Every example of design I find compelling, every design that succeeds in the long run, takes into account craft and materiality. Two individuals who are sincere to these two design aspects, through their American hardwood furniture, are Abir Ali and Andre Sandifer of Ali Sandifer Studio.

Their style is minimal and clean, their craft and care obvious. They know their medium, down to what family-owned forest they source their lumber from. Taking up to six weeks of hand construction, the final product is an embodiment of the wood’s spirit, expressed in grains and joints.

Ranging from a chair and credenza to a desk and coffee table (and with names like Edith and Zaide), Ali Sandifer’s seven product line addresses most furniture types. Each piece is a dialogue between the naturally finished walnut, ash, or rift white oak surfaces and functional space. Looking at the intelligent, lucid movements of the furniture, I can easily picture the craftsmen as well as the tree. Combined in Ali Sandifer’s studio, the result of these two is truly compelling, successful design.


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